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INFLUENCERS How has your business permanently changed since COVID-19? ELLEEBANA SHOP AT PARADIGM BEAUTY Kristen Money, owner My business has permanently changed by COVID for the better. COVID has forced myself and my staŒ to be 100 percent on top of protecting ourselves as well as our clients. We have also noticed that our eyelash and eyebrow services are more popular than ever since the eyes are now the main focus when we look at someone wearing a mask. It is truly a blessing that, as professionals, we have the ability to still work and make people feel and look amazing, even with a mask on.² NATURE PURE CLINICAL SKINCARE Victoria Tabak, president Since COVID hit, going virtual has gained a new meaning, and it has been our new core standard and reality. Last year certainly inspired a new level of being a beacon of support and encouragement for all Nature Pure Clinical Skincare clients and spa partners. We created a support system of online education, training, and personalized guidance over Zoom calls, FaceTime, and social media that's available practically around the clock with the new virtual norm.

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