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DETERMINATION & CORE VALUES THE CHALLENGES TERRANCE BONNER OVERCAME to achieve success in a profession that seemed constantly biased against him evoke stories like David versus Goliath or the triumph of Matthew Alexander Henson, the African American explorer who is believed to be the ‡rst man to stand on top of the world at the North Pole. Bonner's faith, determination, indomitable spirit, and zest for life led him to his ‡rst calling, massage therapy, and then to esthetics, and it is those qualities that continue to propel him to new and exciting opportunities, including teaching others and authoring his ‡rst book. Bonner has a genuine compassion for people and a deep commitment to making others' journeys a little less treacherous. He is a present-day pioneer whose life mission is teaching the bene‡ts of massage and esthetics to those unfamiliar with the practices, as well as extolling the earning potential of massage and esthetics to people who might never consider healing arts a possible career path. FAITH Bonner's faith was cemented in his soul at a very young age, when a near-death experience showed him that God had a predestined plan for him. "Even at 4 years old, growing up in Mississippi, I knew," he says. "A speeding train could have killed my mom and me, but instead, I am here to share my success story." Bonner says that, one morning, he and his mom were on the way to Ms. Rosie's house (his babysitter), and his mom was running late. "We were racing down the road," Bonner says. "Mom was speeding." Bonner heard his mother yell, "Oh no, not today!" as he watched her try to beat the train. "I still remember the determination on her face while I was playing with my toy in the rear seat," Bonner said. After the near miss, Bonner remembers his mom asking, "Are you OK, baby?" by Lisa Bakewell 62 ASCP Skin Deep March/April 2021 ˆ‰Š‹ŒŽ‹ 'Ž‰'Š‹

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