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"Managing my own anxiety during this pandemic has been really hard. Having a pandemic hit the world was not on my list of possible reasons my business could fail. I've been fortunate where a lot of other businesses have not, and I'm beyond grateful. I'm working through my anxiety right now by not focusing on things I have no control over. I'm keeping a positive mindset and focusing on the future of my business and furthering my education, which motivates me to keep pushing through. I'm so impressed when I read about other estheticians and what they've done to keep their business going. They pivot, o‚ering virtual services, facial kits, and continuing their education. It's really inspiring to me. But when the anxiety creeps in and everything feels overwhelming, I focus on my breath and do deep breathing exercises to slow my heart rate and let those fleeting intrusive thoughts come and go, then I carry on and focus only on what I can control." —Nicole Gauci RESOURCES FOR COPING WITH ANXIETY Anxiety and Depression Association of America: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline: national-helpline Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: life-coping/managing-stress-anxiety. html American Counseling Association mental-health-resources/anxiety

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