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Listen to the ASCP Esty Talk podcast at 37 INGREDIENTS Bakuchiol: A Gentle Alternative by Ella Cressman HISTORICALLY, RETINOIDS WERE THE GOLD standard for antiaging, pigmentation, and acne-Ž ghting approaches, but they are not a great option for sensitive skin. So, for your sensitive clientele, bakuchiol is a great Ž rst step or tolerable alternative to retinoids and could prove to be a power ingredient in the treatment room. WHAT IS BAKUCHIOL? Bakuchiol is extracted from the seeds and leaves of the psoralea corylifolia plant, commonly referred to as the babchi plant. It can be found throughout India and has a long history of Eastern medicinal use in tackling skin ailments. Bakuchiol's functional properties can be compared to retinoids (noted as a functional analogue or equivalent) because it can unlock pathways that retinoids activate without being a retinoid itself. 1 AGING AND SENSITIVITY Like retinoids, bakuchiol dramatically stimulates cell turnover in the skin and provides a positive e‹ ect on the appearance of Ž ne lines and wrinkles.

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