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find your dream career! 37 expertadvice MIND YOUR BUSINESS As business owners, how do we make philanthropy part of our business model—not just to solve direct customer needs but also to contribute to a better future? As a part of this industry, we are already fortunate to help millions of people improve their lives through professional skin revision treatments and effective home care. Adding philanthropy to your business model is also good business because it allows you to connect with clients and community on another level, not just the primary solution your business is offering. PHILANTHROPY IS BUSINESS VALUES IN ACTION The primary function of business is problem-solving while turning a profi t, while the primary function of philanthropy is problem-solving for a specifi c cause. So, how do we comingle our need for profi t and our desire to do good? At its root, philanthropy is a love for humanity and the greater good. For years, I have volunteered and been a board member of multiple charities. One thing I have learned is that philanthropy is good business. Selecting a cause that is near and dear to the principles of a company allows the business to demonstrate those values in action. PHILANTHROPY IS A DIFFERENTIATOR In our industry, we know there are several other skin revision clinics or spas in each of our towns, yet how many of those businesses are active in promoting the ways they give back to the community? By actively promoting your values—and how your business gives back—you will stand out among your competition. Your giving is a point of diff erentiation for customers when selecting where to purchase their treatments and home care. Is there a portion of the proceeds of certain products or services that you are giving back to your community or a larger cause? Have you hosted an event or fundraiser for a specifi c organization that shares the same values as your business? If not, these are simple ways to help generate more business, while giving back to the greater good. Our company, DMK, actively supports the Harvey Milk Foundation, which has championed human equality around the world for decades. Because of this partnership, we have been able to share our message of inclusiveness to individual clinics and foreign Shared Values Giving back is not only the right thing to do, it's also good business by Drew Coleman embassies in Europe and Australia. This opportunity would not be possible without our shared values through philanthropy. PHILANTHROPY BUILDS STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS Client retention is one of the most important variables in running a successful clinic. One of the best ways to increase client retention is by building a strong relationship with each client from the moment they enter your business to when they are using the prescribed daily home care. When we, as skin care professionals, are committed to a cause greater than ourselves, clients relate to our values. This value-sharing allows us to form deeper relationships and increase client retention, which is vital for a successful business. As we wrap up 2020, let's put our business values in action. Be the diff erentiator and build stronger relationships with clients. When we, as skin care professionals, are committed to a cause greater than ourselves, clients relate to our values.

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