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find your dream career! 29 Home Care Mishaps Tips to keep client self-care on the right track by Mark Lees, PhD Our clients want to see improvement in their skin's appearance but sometimes face stumbling blocks to success. More than likely, those stumbling blocks include home- care errors that prevent them from achieving their best results. Following are several client mishaps and tips to correct them, so you and your clients are on the same track to skin care success. TOO MUCH SUN Why do clients continue tanning while spending time and money to make their skin look younger? It can be frustrating, but the only thing you can do is explain—sometimes more than once—the danger of sun exposure and how counterintuitive it is to tan while fi ghting the appearance of aging. TIP: Offer your clients options for a safe, sunless tan. TOO LITTLE SUNSCREEN Many of your clients only use sunscreen when they plan to be outside. This common blunder stems from not understanding how sun damages the skin. Educate clients that sun damage is cumulative. It is the pileup of small doses of daily damage that leads to wrinkles, skin sagging, and sun-related pigmentation issues. TIP: Make sure clients use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that's built into their moisturizer—one-step SPF protection for the face all day. expertadvice SKIN SOLUTIONS

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