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find your dream career! 21 beautybuzz ESTY TALK Sharing the Love How do you show clients that you're grateful for their business? VIA FACEBOOK I tell them frequently and randomly gift them with a free service or product to thank them for their continued loyalty. Lisa Tabbush I add extra time to all my services, so I can get to know the client and build a bond. I never want them to feel they are rushed or they are just a client number. I want them to feel comfortable and that their investment is worth it each time they come. I also go pretty big during Christmas and my anniversary in business by getting all my clients gifts to show my appreciation. Julie Christine I give each client an individually wrapped chocolate with a small envelope that has a card (business card size) inside that has a positive saying on it like "you are beautiful" (I get the cards on Amazon). I also give each client some kind of small gift at Christmas. Karen Lynn I give my clients the best I can, of everything: of me, my service, and my products. I am 110 percent dependable and punctual. I am continually learning so I can be as current as possible and offer the best and newest techniques and treatments. I offer products I am confident will give them their desired results and provide the client with all the education they need to be successful with home care. I give them beautiful, healthy skin. Melissa Mason VIA INSTAGRAM I offered a client a free service after finding out they lost their job. It's important to see our clients the same way we see our loved ones. They take care of you, so you better take care good care of them too. @skinfactoryla I take notes of our conversations, remember their special events, send handwritten notes, and give small gifts on birthdays. But most of all, I give them the best service, listen to their genuine concerns, and educate them. I'm always learning, researching, and developing my skills. I recognize that we work in an ever- evolving field and we need to keep up with it. @woadstudio There's nothing like an old-school handwritten thank-you note dropped in the mail. @aestheticsbyjennifer I create thank-you packages for my loyal clients with a personalized card inside. One client told me it made her emotional because she was just marveling at how far we've come with her skin care goals. @7esthetics I offer each client 10 percent off their next facial when they prebook. Also, I give them a complimentary add-on when they refer a new client. @pamperaesthetics I send a handwritten thank-you card after their service. And we host a client appreciation event each year. @brookesuiteb I always follow up with my clients by phone 1–2 days after their appointment to thank them for coming in and to check on their results. @kmacskintherapy I create small gifts for them each month— a crystal to take home, small bundles of lavender from my garden tied with a lace bow, an assortment of tea bags. Little things to pamper them and let them know how much I care about them. @plantglamour

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