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find your dream career! 19 beautybuzz INDUSTRY NEWS Beneficial Adjustments Adapting to COVID challenges . . . together, intact, and stronger! Esthetician Elizabeth Donat believes adapting to COVID-19 challenges has strengthened the industry. It hasn't been easy, she says, but the resulting new best practices will help the profession continue to move forward. • Focus on effi ciency. A benefi t of limiting the number of people in your spa is that you have become really effi cient with your staff , scheduling, and use of your physical space. As a result, you are not overbooking clients, and clients are honoring their appointment times. • Embrace sanitation. Hand-sanitizing stations are a fantastic best practice as a result of the pandemic. Clients feel safer when they see touchless soap dispensers, paper towel machines, air purifi cation equipment, and the disinfecting of common areas. • Protect techs and clients. By now, your estheticians are used to using the personal protective equipment required for their jobs—and may even feel safer and more secure using face coverings, shields, and gloves. • Improve service quality. Because time and space are of the essence, we now focus on our most popular and eff ective services. We are listening to what our clients actually need from us, and we are delivering. • Promote tranquility. Have you noticed that your spa has become a more relaxed and tranquil place? Your clients are receiving more one-on-one attention and individual service. Post-pandemic, we can see the many benefi ts of keeping visitors to a minimum. Post-Pandemic Best Practices We're Still Here for You EMPLOYEE CARE Simma Lieberman, a.k.a. the Inclusionist, helps leaders build inclusive cultures by creating environments where people do their best work. Here are fi ve ways she suggests to show employees you care. 1. Get to know them better. Use your phone, FaceTime, Zoom, etc., if you don't see employees in person. Find out how the pandemic is impacting them. 2. Learn about employee culture. Take time to learn their history. Read about holidays and celebrations that are meaningful to them and be able to discuss them. 3. Educate yourself on common stereotypes. Review your own history to explore whether you grew up with biases and still hold them. Stop yourself when a biased thought enters your head. 4. Communicate more freely. Talk to people who are diff erent. Listen for substance. Notice the diff erences, and stop yourself when you want to make another person wrong based on your cultural experience. 5. Let them know you care. Take the time to understand your employees' culture. Not only will you expand your understanding, it will help you become an even better leader. Since mid-March, ASCP has been working urgently to support estheticians during this diffi cult time. We've produced an entire special edition of ASCP Skin Deep magazine dedicated to the issues surrounding COVID-19, state-by-state legislative updates, podcasts discussing our new reality, fi nancial relief analysis and information, and our Back-to-Practice guidelines as esties started considering a return to work. Find it all at We will continue to fi ght for our members and this profession, and we continue to believe we will all come out of this together, intact, and stronger for it.

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