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54 ascp skin deep september/october 2020 Estheticians know exfoliation resurfaces the skin by removing the cornified cells that are found on the protective barrier layer of the skin. But did you know these cornified cells should be addressed prior to the application of a chemical peeling agent for clients with darker skin? The biological structure of the stratum corneum of higher Fitzpatricks contains more keratinized dead cell layers. These additional layers are due to a greater intercellular cohesion with a higher lipid content. Interestingly enough, the additional layers of keratinized cells of the stratum corneum are equal in thickness when compared to European skin types. The stratum corneum difference is evidenced by its 20- plus cell layers, versus only 16 layers for Caucasian skin. POWER by Pamela Springer Peeling darker skin tones can result in a healthy, glowing complexion—as long as special considerations are made Peel to the

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