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find your dream career! 31 e Whole Package Intensive care offers better results and savings to clients—and client loyalty to you! by Mark Lees, PhD Many clients seek the services of a skin therapist because they are having a chronic skin problem, such as chronic breakouts, clogged pores, or hyperpigmentation—plus many types of aging problems. Oftentimes, these clients have never had a true, professional skin care program planned for them, and their skin is in need of more intensive treatment— especially when they first begin a program. Offering a series of professional treatments, such as series packages (prepaid treatment plans) at close intervals, may help produce better and faster results for new clients. Most often, series packages include six or 12 in-offi ce treatments, and they are usually sold at a signifi cant discount (7–15 percent) over the price of individual treatments. Following are some ideal series packages to off er new clients. GLYCOLIC OR AHA PEELS These peels are often performed twice a week in a series for better cumulative results. This is an excellent way to start almost any aging or sun-damaged skin care program or to treat hyperpigmented skin. Clients having an AHA or glycolic peel series should begin home treatment at least two weeks prior to their fi rst peel treatment. Home care should consist of appropriate cleanser and toner; an AHA serum for daily or twice-daily use with at least 8–10 percent alpha hydroxy concentration; an SPF-30 broad-spectrum sunscreen that they must use daily; and appropriate hydration and eye products. Two weeks of pretreatment before beginning the twice-a- week series will acclimate the client's skin to the acid, lessening chances of redness and reactivity to the more concentrated professional AHA product used. Clients with more sensitive skin may need weekly treatment instead of twice weekly. expertadvice SKIN SOLUTIONS

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