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MAY | JUNE 2020

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find your dream career! 23 beautybuzz ESTY TALK Live and Learn What's the most surprising thing you've learned as a skin care professional? VIA FACEBOOK That a lot of product marketing is bogus! Especially the terms organic, dermatologist tested and approved, clean beauty, and natural. Not much needs to happen to be able to slap these terms on products or ads. A lot of companies are using fear-based marketing to trick the consumer into thinking their products are better and "safer" than others. Beauty by Lisa, Real Skin Pro How big of a diff erence we can make in people's lives. We aren't simply treating the skin. We are healers of the broken, a safe place for refuge, a quiet place to relax. We treat through our physical touch, attitude, and demeanor. Connecting with people. Helping to empower them to take care of themselves and feel cared for by others. It's incredibly fulfi lling to know you are a piece of that process for your clients. Shevaun Bowles Answer our next question: What's a skin care myth you'd like to debunk? Email your answer to Your answer could appear in the July/August 2020 issue and may be edited for length and clarity. What I have learned is that even after 30 years, I still can learn something new every day! I love this constant, everchanging industry! I'm never bored and I'm still just as passionate about skin care as I was when I started. Ariane Mariano Santacroce I'm surprised at how many professional estheticians don't understand how to price their services based on the cost. So, they end up stressed and eventually not being able to sustain a profi table business. Julio Mendez How the condition of a person's skin can greatly aff ect who they are, how they see themselves, and their self-confi dence. I've seen teenage boys slumped over, hair in their face, and mumbling. After a few treatments, they walk in standing tall, smiling, and even joking with me. Can't wait to tell me about fi nally having a crush. One of the fi rst things you see in the morning is your own refl ection. Problem skin can turn your day bad before it even starts. That's why I love what I do. That's how I can change lives. That's my superpower. Joanna Jeter Walters VIA INSTAGRAM That everything happening inside the body (the gut and microbiome) is refl ected outside the body—on and in the skin. Diet, sensitivities, allergies, and hormones all play a huge part in the health of your skin. I had no idea prior to becoming an esthetician. I'm so thankful for my holistic training and knowledge for both personal and professional applications. @beautywithinbykimberly The importance of educating customers on a proper skin care regimen. @yolyfortichskincare Having like-minded people on your team (including your boss) is the greatest gift ever. @indigocollective_skincare

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