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32 ascp skin deep COVID-19 special issue 2020 In your personal accounts, defer any payments you can, for as long as you can. You may be able to delay auto loans and reduce credit card payments with no penalties or fees. If it makes sense for you— and it's necessary to maintain minimum cash flow for living expenses—pause your retirement investing temporarily (the key word being temporarily). Do that math to figure out how long you can live on the cash you have. That will give you some perspective and help you make decisions moving forward. CONSIDER ADDITIONAL INCOME IDEAS If your client base is economically diverse, you may be able to extend to virtual services that complement your practice or sell your retail products online. A pause in skin care may also give you time to consider another new business. Flexible online work options are only growing. You may have the skills to teach online or offer online services like web design, copywriting, transcription, or virtual assistant services. Many of you came to skin care from other careers and will venture off into new ones. Now could be a good time to explore those options and brush up on the necessary skills. Keep in mind, if you are receiving unemployment or SNAP benefits, you may also be eligible for free or very low-cost career training and education. YOU'RE STILL AN ESTHETICIAN Even when you're not putting your hands on clients, you're still an esthetician. And your clients know that you are still their esthetician. In This Together As a small business, we recognize and feel the challenges our community is facing during this unpredictable time. At the Color Up Wellness Center in Denver, we've decided to be proactive rather than reactive. We believe we can make an impact on our future by making the right choices now, so we are continuing to stay closed to the public until further notice. We are protecting our Color Up CBD laboratory with limited access, and will continue to ship products to keep our community healthy and happy. This is also in an attempt to keep as many of our team members working as possible. Please stay home. Please help flatten the curve. Please use this time to educate, create, appreciate, and take care of yourself. We are all in this together! —Shauna Blanch, co-owner, Color Up Therapeutics

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