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10 ascp skin deep COVID-19 special issue 2020 beautybuzz ESTY TALK Nice Work What are you doing to keep your esty business going while your doors are closed? VIA INSTAGRAM I have reached out to all my clients to check on them and their families. I've sent them free samples and my quarantine virtual services list that covers education and custom step-by-step regimen options. I'm also sharing my energy work as an Angelic Reiki Master practitioner. The video lessons have been fun. I help guide them as they repeat each step on themselves. It can get messy, but they learn and it's exciting and fun to help and watch. Some mishaps still make me smile. My services are also discounted, and I have offered a discount or a free gift when they book for when we are back in business. @esthi_artist My clients now see me for 30 minutes per week for virtual face massage sessions. The price is roughly equivalent to the price of their monthly facials. I've been wanting to help them create at-home face massage rituals to support their facials with me, and now I finally have that opportunity. So, the virtual sessions replace facials right now, but it will be a support to their facials when I'm open again. I'm also selling product, creating facial kits, and offering virtual wholistic esthetician mentoring. @wholisticskinandcare I'm offering clients updates on my business and what to expect while we are waiting to come back. I'm being honest, real, and sincere about how we are and asking them how they are. I am putting together information for them to learn in more detail about my services and their skin. I'd like to use this opportunity to cheer and show love to my other esties and support everyone during this time. In this business it can be competitive, but I want to show support. I'm revamping and educating myself more and more to go back in stronger than ever! @faceandlashowlet

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