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Page 85 of 85 83 Among the aspens in the Colorado mountains, our Esty of the Year, Jessica Marie, braved below-freezing temperatures to allow photographer Noelle Wood to capture the amazing cover shot for this issue. Now that you've read all about Jessica, learn a little more about the photographer who creates fanciful portraits of empowered women. ASCP: How did your photography career begin? Noelle Wood: I began as a headshot photographer in Los Angeles 17 years ago, and then ventured into high school senior photos. While I built a solid business around these and other traditional portrait genres, I never really felt "at home" and really longed for an outlet where I could express myself as an artist. ASCP: How did your career evolve into creating your fanciful, empowering "Warrior Poses"? NW: It wasn't until the last couple years that I decided to carve out my own niche within the fantasy portraiture genre. I used my background in fashion design and film costuming and mixed it with my passion for storytelling, fairytales, and empowering women, and voila! Warrior Pose was born. It felt risky to completely shift the portrait style I offered, but it's been an incredibly rewarding journey (mostly for my soul) and I've never looked back. I think we create our best art when we get out of our own way and allow our inner artist to call the shots. Meet Noelle Wood, creator of fantasy portraiture by Mary Barthelme Abel WARRIOR POSE ASCP: What inspires you? NW: Truthfully, this type of photography is a spiritual process for me. I am inspired by images that come to me in meditation or when I'm out in nature. I'm very drawn to the idea of what our spirits, or the earth around us, would look like in human form. I find myself most drawn to costumes or backgrounds composed of organic elements. I'm also inspired by anything and everything magic! ASCP: How should potential clients contact you? NW: If you're interested in booking a Warrior Pose session, please check out or email me at I also offer one-on-one mentoring for this style of photography as well as workshops for those in the Denver/ Northern Colorado area. digital extra Noelle Wood creates fanciful portraits based on extensive interviews with her subjects. On location with ASCP's Esty of the Year, Jessica Marie. Wood designs every part of the portrait, from handmade costumes to dramatic Photoshop work.

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