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re you reading this on a mobile device? Since mobile traffic has increased 222 percent in the past five years (2013–2018) 1 , I bet you are. It is estimated that by 2025, almost three-quarters of the world—3.7 billion people—will access the internet from their phones only. 2 In terms of purchasing, 56 percent of offline purchases or services were influenced by a digital interaction this year. 3 Moving forward, mobile purchases will be responsible for $2.32 trillion—or about 67.2 percent—of online sales by 2021. 4 Is your head spinning yet? As a business owner or contractor, it's imperative that these statistics really sink into your psyche. Your livelihood will soon depend on your ability to interact digitally with your clients. Let's take a look at some apps that can grow and promote your business, including apps to share with your clients to help keep them focused on healthful body and skin care regimens. FORGET ABOUT AGE Contrary to popular belief, age isn't much of a factor when it comes to digital use. Whether the majority of your clients are millennials, Gen X, boomers, or Gen Z, it doesn't matter. Well over 50 percent of your clients own—and regularly use—a smartphone or tablet. Even the Silent Generation, ages 75–95, are going mobile, with 40 percent owning cell phones and 33 percent owning tablets.5 The amount of time spent on mobile apps is multigenerational as well. Usage stats aren't significantly different from one another. Although millennials spend three hours each day using mobile apps, users over the age of 65 are hanging right in there with app use of over 90 minutes each day.6 And that's app use alone! The average internet user now spends more than 6.5 hours online each day.7 That's a big chunk of time, so how you interact with your clients digitally is important. Gen Z: 0–24 years old (1996–now) • 97% own a smartphone • 52% report that their smartphone is their most important internet device Millennials: 25–43 years old (1977–1995) • 93% own a smartphone • 35% use tablets • 25% use mobile phones as their primary internet source Gen X: 44–55 years old (1965–1976) • 90% own a smartphone • 53% use tablets • 7% use mobile phones as their primary internet source Boomers: 56–74 years old (1946–1964) • 68% own a smartphone • 52% use tablets • 7% use mobile phones as their primary internet source Silents: 75–95 (1925–1945) • 40% own a smartphone • 33% use tablets Adapted from: Emily A. Vogels, "Millennials Stand Out for Their Technology Use, But Older Generations Also Embrace Digital Life," Pew Research Center, September 9, 2019, 09/09/us-generations-technology-use. find your dream career! 69 A Technology Use by Generation

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