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find your dream career! 67 The questions being asked in the online consultations are in-depth, thoughtfully put together, user-friendly, and . . . well, they're good! Most of the consultations take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and the questions walk you through those we're all familiar with: What are your skin care goals and concerns? How would you best describe your skin type? Are you taking any prescribed medications? What products are you using on a daily basis? Any retinol products? What may surprise you, though, are the in-depth lifestyle questions that are asked, such as: How many hours per day do you spend in front of a screen or digital device? What is your daily commute like? How would you describe your level of everyday makeup coverage? How many hours of sleep do you get per night? We are well aware that physical and mental health, nutrition, exercise, air quality, and other various lifestyle-related habits can all significantly impact skin. And yet, these types of questions are much less commonly found on standard consultation forms you would complete in a spa or salon prior to a facial treatment. THE PERFECT TIME TO REFLECT Even though there are more eyes than ever on the skin care industry, and it feels like everyone is fighting for the same slice of the pie, now is still the perfect time to reflect on ways you can improve your practice. You are the skin care professional, and your clients will always look to you for a consult over the consumer giants—as long as they feel you are looking out for their best interests. Asking the right questions, taking a more personal approach to your clients' skin care needs, and offering them the same level of service you would expect will be the keys to your continued success in this competitive field. Notes 1. The NPD Group, "U.S. Prestige Beauty Industry Sales Grow 6 Percent in 2018, Reports the NPD Group," January 29, 2019, accessed February 2020, www. press-releases/2019/u-s--prestige- beauty-industry-sales-grow-6-percent- in-2018--reports-the-npd-group. 2. Celia Shatzman, "The Best Customizable Beauty Brands,", July 27, 2018, accessed February 2020, sites/celiashatzman/2018/07/27/the-best- customizable-beauty-brands/#4b0f4af855. While paper forms are fine and expected, your client may feel overwhelmed by the number of questions they have to answer or may feel pressured to rush through the form. Consider alternative options, like the opportunity to complete questionnaires online or at home prior to an appointment.

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