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expert advice MIND YOUR BUSINESS Businesses, like garages, get cluttered with once-useful items that no longer add value to the bottom line. Take a moment to review the 3 Ps— people, product, and procedure— to see where you can purge and modify in order to clean up and add value to your business! PEOPLE Your employees work directly with your clientele, which make them your most important business asset—and top priority on your spring-cleaning list. Now is the perfect time to reflect and identify whether your team needs a major clean up or just a bit of "dusting off." Periodically, you may need to move team members out of your business in order to make room for new ones, but most likely, your employees (and you) just need a bit of polish and energy to grow. Ask yourself: • What skill development and training has our team completed over the last several months? • What gaps have we identified that we can help our team develop? Once you've taken inventory, set goals for improvement and growth. PRODUCT Sustainability isn't just about packaging; it is about having the right manufacturer and brand to support you as a licensed professional. Take a quick inventory of the products you carry. See if they support a professional-only sustainable business model or if they compete with you by selling directly to your clients online. Then ask yourself: • Which products are working, and which are not? • Are these products the most sustainable and profitable for my business? • Am I challenged by a manufacturer selling directly to my clients? Once you've considered these questions, use your answers as a guide to keep the products and treatments your clients love and replace the laggards. PROCEDURE Documented procedures provide guidance and a blueprint for your whole team—and Routine Maintenance It's time to spring-clean the three Ps—people, product, and procedure by Drew Coleman keep everyone on the same page. Take a moment to review your documented procedures and identify areas that need improvement or updating. Ask yourself: Do our procedures contain all of our musts? For example, are clients greeted with a smile and offered coffee, tea, or champagne when they arrive? Your procedures can be as simple as clean sheets and warm towels or mentioning the monthly specials to your clients. Most important is that procedures are written down and available to your whole team. Once you've contemplated these questions, update your procedures to meet your current needs. If you don't have documented procedures, now is a great time to get them down on paper. I know—cleaning, reorganizing, and maintaining paperwork is tedious and takes you away from your clients. But I promise the time and effort you take to care for your people, products, and procedures will be worth every minute when you feel the peace that comes with a business that runs like a well-oiled machine. Happy spring!

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