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beautybuzz ESTY TALK Real Results What are some of your favorite skin care ingredients? Why? VIA FACEBOOK I really love a good retinol serum. It treats everything from oily skin with congested pores to aging mature skin. Retinol remains a tried- and-true staple to any skin care regimen. Kimberly King Vitamin C is my favorite ingredient. When I use it on my clients, they can see an instant glow! Over time, I can see even complexion and an increase of hydration. It's really good for clients with hyperpigmentation. Unissa Bryan Sea water, seaweed, and calendula! Sea water offers healing properties and cell regeneration. Seaweed has amazing properties for many types of conditions. And, calendula is not only great for its healing process in the skin but also for the healing properties for the liver. Elizabeth Navarro Martin Hands down, vitamin C! I've seen some amazing improvement over a short period of time. Zenaida Fiducioso Answer our next question: What's the most surprising thing you've learned as a skin care professional? Email your answer to Your answer could appear in the May/June 2020 issue and may be edited for length and clarity. VIA INSTAGRAM Vitamin C all day. This powerhouse antioxidant fights fine lines and improves tone and texture. @lash_artistrybylh Vitamin C is my BF, retinol is my BFF, and sunscreen is my lifelong partner. Oh, too many to choose! @aesthetically.well Right now, I'm loving mandelic acid peel for darker skin tones. It's a gentle acid that is safer for African Americans and has my skin looking amazing. I'm also loving my vitamin C—can't get enough of that. @skintherapywithnikki Best skin care product ever—sunscreen! Sunscreen is definitely my best magic product for keeping skin healthy. People expect me to tell them to use some extremely expensive magic potion or serum. No. Just start with a high-quality sunscreen, and it's a game changer for the skin. I promise! @rayoflight79 Honey! I'm in South Florida where people love all the new technology, but I take the less-is-more approach. My favorite is honey. It's diverse in benefits and can be used many different ways. It's an excellent humectant, it's antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, and it's a great skin polisher. Honey is a nutrient- dense super food that everyone can experience refreshment, renewal, lift, and glow from! @themadaesthetic Zinc and titanium for the protective benefits— not only from the sun but from the devices like the phones, computers, and tablets that we use every day. The fact that it doesn't hurt our bodies or environment (like chemical sunscreens can) makes zinc my favorite ingredient forever and ever. @megantheskincarespecialist

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