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July | August 2019

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88 ascp skin deep july/august 2019 ASCP & you I AM ASCP HOW DID YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH SKIN CARE? I fell in love with skin care early on as a preteen suff ering through acne, polycystic ovary syndrome, and undiagnosed thyroid issues. I was a model for Aveda, where I became excited about the challenge of performing services like waxing and makeup. There, the journey began to help not only myself but others after discovering there were magical treatments. LISANNE WILCOX MBA, cosmetology manager, esthetician, massage therapist, yoga teacher, director for schools' NAPPA Program, and Master Educator at Alexandria Professional Sugaring and Full Circle Skin Conditioning, Bloomington, MN ASCP member since 2009 YOU ARE AN EDUCATOR. TALK ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR ESTHETICIANS. School is the basis for basic licensing, as with any profession, but it's what you pursue after the foundation that creates pathways to success and longevity in your fi eld. It's fi guring out which services make you happy and what gives results, and discovering what you're good at. You may love many services but may not necessarily be good at them, so try everything and pick what's right for you. I'm a lash snob and love getting extensions, but I sure wasn't good at doing them, so I have an appreciation for those that master them. Waxing and sugaring were my jam, so I took the path that allowed me to be a part of creating something amazing to give clients amazing results. HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH SUGARING? We always laugh at this, but I got involved with sugaring by dialing the wrong number! I was searching for this magical sugar paste and called the wrong number that turned out to be the right number. It was meant to be, and after a chat and demo that blew everyone's mind, I mastered this technique and apprenticed to become an educator. I apprenticed for free because I wanted it that bad. I knew this company was on to something. Carving Out a Niche This ASCP member recommends focusing on the service that's best for you WHAT DO YOU FIND MOST EXCITING ABOUT THE CURRENT STATE OF ESTHETICS? The specialization—you can't be the master of everything. I love watching students discover all the possibilities and master the ones that bring joy to their careers and the lives of themselves and others. I love how we care about people, the environment we work in, and what we put on and inside our bodies. It's a great time to be in the beauty profession. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO NEW ESTHETICIANS JUST STARTING THEIR CAREERS? Check out everything, get services, and see what others are doing. Audit a class if you're worried about investing and check out a new modality to see if it's your jam. You don't have to do everything—fi nd what you're good at and what and brings you joy. In yoga, we are encouraged to sit in on other yogis' classes and to share what might resonate with us. We can do the same in beauty and skin care. Not every client or service is a fi t for you. Find the services you are best at and the right clients will fi nd you. There is lots of work to be done out there, and there's no shortage of skin to work on.

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