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July | August 2019

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36 ascp skin deep july/august 2019 Gentle Giant Mirabilis jalapa extract can offer big relief for sensitive skin by Kris Campbell Mirabilis jalapa, a tropical flowering herb once used by the Aztecs as medicine, is gaining momentum as an active skin care ingredient, especially for products developed for sensitive skin. More commonly known as the "marvel of Peru" or the "four o'clock flower" (because its flowers open in the late afternoon), it is the most common species of the Mirabilis plant. A PRACTICAL PLAN Mirabilis jalapa has an amazing variety of uses: • The edible crimson flowers of the plant are used as dye and food coloring. • Research shows the plant can be used to help with bioremediation of soils with heavy metals. • Indigenous peoples in Brazil use the dried flowers to cure headaches and the root to treat skin conditions like leprosy. • Peruvians use the juice extracted from the flowers to treat maladies like herpes and earaches. Juice from the roots may also treat diarrhea, syphilis, and even liver infections. • Decoctions (the liquor resulting from concentrating the essence of a substance by heating or boiling, especially a medicinal preparation made from a plant) of the whole plant are used to treat bee stings, scorpion stings, and infected wounds. • The field of herbal medicine uses parts of the plant for wound healing and laxative and diuretic purposes. The root is also thought to be an aphrodisiac. • The leaves are primarily used for the reduction of inflammation. • The flowers have a strong and sweet fragrance, making them a popular ingredient for candles and perfumes. HELP FOR SENSITIVE SKIN The extract source commonly used in the skin care industry comes from the aerial (above ground) parts of the Mirabilis jalapa plant. The extract is known as a calming and protecting ingredient, especially for sensitive and reactive skin. Sensitive skin seems to be on the rise, with as many as 50 percent of women and 30 percent of men claiming to have sensitive skin for a variety of reasons. expertadvice INGREDIENTS

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