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July | August 2019

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ascp now offers advanced modality insurance! 19 beautybuzz ESTY TALK Finding Your Passion What made you decide to become an esthetician? I've always had a love for the beauty industry. I remember my sister doing my makeup for my middle school dances and just being amazed. Now my sister asks me for makeup and skin care advice. At 25, I went to esthetics school really having a passion for just makeup. When I started beauty school, I suff ered from serious cystic breakouts. Having an open mind and learning clear, healthy skin would make me feel more confi dent, I dove into learning. Now at the wonderful Hand & Stone franchise in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, I couldn't be happier. I'm a corporate regional esthetic trainer, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity this company has given me! I couldn't think of a better job to have to help women feel more beautiful and confi dent. Danielle Lynne Catalano Answer our next question: What is the best continuing education class you've taken? Why? Email your answer to Your answer could appear in the September/October 2019 issue and may be edited for length and clarity. ยป As a massage therapist, I learned a lot about the body, but it was literally just the body. I felt like there was a hole in my education, and dealing with acne myself, I inevitably stumbled upon the world of esthetics. As I went through training, I found the crucial information I was missing and it propelled me into a more well-rounded career of skin care and bodywork. Now, I can fully appreciate the term skin deep. Anna Podoll I was in college and struggling to decide what I really wanted to do. On the phone with my sister, I was having a mini meltdown while tweezing my brows and extracting my own blackheads. She asked, "What makes you happy?" I jokingly replied, "Popping pimples and perfecting brows!" She said, "You should be an esthetician!" A month later, I fi nished my semester at college and enrolled in esthetics school. Fourteen years later, I'm a business owner who still loves going to work to pop pimples and perfect eyebrows every day! Allison Hess When I was in my early 20s, all the sun exposure and tanning beds had caught up to me. People thought I had dirt on my face when, in fact, it was hyperpigmentation. That's when I decided to see a professional and after a couple peels, laser treatments, and products, my self-esteem was restored! I knew then that I wanted to be an esthetician so I could help others reach their skin care goals and face life with their best face forward. Heather Riggs I love doing such a relaxing facial that helps people escape from the whole world for an hour. A great esthetician can make people feel beautiful inside and out. Jessica Bell Lambert When my husband died, I began getting massages, facials, and manicures to get human touch and undivided attention for that one hour. It was such a good thing, I became an esthetician to give other widows and women that safe space to just be. Angelica DeJolie

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