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MAY | JUNE 2019

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ascp now offers advanced modality insurance! 21 beautybuzz COSMO REPORT STRATEGIC MARKETING In an article for Forbes magazine, public relations specialist Carm Lyman says even though new ways to market your business seem to appear every day, "There are some tried-and-true strategies that are obviously here to stay." She offers her top four marketing methods that should remain in your arsenal this year. Engage with Microinfluencers: Microinfluencers are influencers who don't have millions of followers. They typically have thousands or even tens of thousands of followers, but their audiences tend to be hyperengaged. "The key is finding people who are already passionate about the subject, as authenticity matters when it comes to engaging an audience," Lyman says. Keep Creating Content: "Content that explains your product features or company messages gives your customers the opportunity to learn about how to get the most from your product," explains Lyman. "It also gives you a way to offer additional expertise about your industry, provide solutions to related problems, or start discussions that engage your audience." Try Affiliate Marketing: You've likely seen the disclaimers that read something like, "We may receive a commission for products purchased through links in this story." This is an affiliate marketing partnership. Social media influences consumer buying patterns, so asking influencers to promote your brand can have a very real impact on your bottom line. Test Your SEO: Everyone wants to be at the top of search results. Consider investing in search engine optimization testing and recommendation tools such as Moz and SEOptimer. "Identifying opportunities to optimize your site can lead to greater search returns, which enable your customers and prospects to more easily find you. This, in turn, helps you market to them more directly," Lyman says. Read the full article here: A Curl's Hero Having recently launched in the UK, Chopstick Styler is now expanding to the US with its debut line of unique hairstyling tools for curly hair. Its hallmark tool, the Hero, features a glamorous, iridescent design and a slim "chopstick" barrel to achieve instant mega volume and long-lasting curls. Featuring an LED display, a swivel cord at the base, and a cool tip to ensure ease of use, the Hero Chopstick Styler is priced at $34.99. Next Level News Innovation and information to bump up your biz Perfect Color An industry-first hair color ecosystem called CLiCS optimizes the way salons formulate, dispense, and manage hair color. With an innovative computer- controlled vending platform, the CLiCS system allows hairstylists to create any shade of demi or permanent color with the touch of a button. The precision program takes the guesswork out of color formulation—measuring, mixing, and dispensing with ease. No waste, no mess, no mistakes. With a few clicks, you can create the perfect shade every time. Learn more at

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