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80 november/december 2018 ASCP & you I AM ASCP WHEN DID YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH SKIN CARE? I fell into a job at a dermatology offi ce in 1988 as a back-offi ce assistant. While working there, I worked with an employee who had her own treatment room, and when her patients came out they always hugged her. I was told that she was an esthetician. I decided right then that I wanted that job! I quit and went to school full time. Four months later, I took my state board exam and became a licensed esthetician. It's been a 30-year love aff air! HOW DID YOU GET INTO CONSULTING AND SELLING DEVICES? After 15 years of owning a skin care center, I began to lose my passion. There's a lot that goes into running a business. I knew that I needed to make a change. It was 2005 and esthetic equipment was just starting to make the scene. I became very intrigued by the diff erent modalities. I started testing them to see which ones were eff ective and which ones were not worth the investment. Before I knew it, I was being called the "Gadget Gal" and the "Machine Queen"! SHELLEY HANCOCK Esthetician; owner, Shelley Hancock Consulting, Brentwood, CA ASCP Member Since 2007 THIS YEAR IS YOUR 30TH ANNIVERSARY AS AN ESTHETICIAN. WHAT'S BEEN THE MOST SURPRISING CHANGE IN THAT TIME? How many of us there are! My California license number is 9976, which I believe coincides with the number of licensed estheticians at the time. Last time I purchased the California list, there were 83,000— just in California. This industry attracts many, but only those who truly educate themselves and learn to how to really connect with people will be successful. WHAT KEEPS YOU EXCITED ABOUT THIS INDUSTRY? New toys! I love testing new pieces of equipment and if they make the cut, I love sharing them with my fellow estheticians. It feels incredible when I get an email telling me that a piece of equipment purchased from me, or a phone consult with me, has helped take someone's business to the next level. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR NEW ESTHETICIANS? Don't be afraid to jump when opportunity knocks. Even if it's scary, just jump. If I didn't do all the jumping I did over the past 30 years, I would not be where I am today. When I got started in 1988, I would never have imagined that I would be a spa owner, a mentor, a radio show host, author of two books, and be able to stand in front of a group for hours teaching and love every minute of it! 30-Year Love Affair Shelley Hancock shows how a successful career evolves

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