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Page 23 of 84 21 beautybuzz COSMO REPORT Stay Informed Keep up with the latest innovations for hair stylists Effective Leadership Career strategist and personal branding expert Matthew Gallagher created a straightforward list describing seven daily habits of effective leaders for How many of these practices can you work into your daily routine? 1. Practice patience: Developing patience takes time, and a daily practice of taking a few moments to yourself to think about ways to better work with people around you can help you make significant strides. 2. Make time for social media: Social media is the best way to set yourself apart as a thought leader. It can help you utilize your networking skills to create new relationships and business partners. 3. Embrace the day's setbacks: Every day, focus on your tasks, and do whatever it takes to get them done. Making it through challenging days with your team can help you reach new heights. 4. Eat for your mind, not just your body: If you don't eat well, you can't expect to perform well. It's that simple. 5. Make time for trust: Take time daily to bond with your team and develop relationships that build trust and also open dialogs, making it easier to give feedback. 6. Read: Never stop learning. Pick up new things in your industry, maybe new software for your team and, of course, something for yourself that you enjoy. 7. Build your EQ: Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the foundation of great leaders. Self- awareness and self-control are crucial in any sort of role in which you interact with team members and customers. Read the full article here: EDUCATION-BASED INSPIRATION Looking for a podcast made just for you? Cosmetologists and lifelong friends Corey Gray and Tony Stuart have launched Your Day Off (YDO) Podcasts to help share salon industry success stories that will inspire and educate hair stylists to reach new heights. Inspired by podcasts from other industries, Gray and Stuart believe every successful hairdresser started out by sweeping hair and folding towels before really learning that the sky is the limit, and they want to share everyone's personal career story through tips, challenges, and honors. All podcasts will remain available as an educational resource for you to listen to from their new and ever- growing YDO Podcast Library. Subscribe for free wherever you get your podcasts. Sunscreen for Hair Ultraviolet rays can burn the inside and outside layer of the hair follicle, resulting in brittle and lifeless ends. Continued exposure to the sun can cause faded color and can lead to premature aging of the hair and a long-term depletion of volume. Help your clients protect their strands with GHD Heat Protect Spray with UV Protection. This innovative, multitasking product serves as a protective layer against the elements with Benezophenone-4 to absorb UV rays so hair stays brighter and healthier. It also shields strands from daily heat styling and keeps hair soft and shiny.

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