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18 september/october 2018 beautybuzz ESTY TALK Wishl inking What do you wish someone had told you in esthetics school? Not to go solo straight out of school. Business owners wear a lot of hats, all of which take away from time spent learning about skin. Taking an apprenticeship- type position allows for full immersion in the science and glory of the integumentary system. Briana McKee I wish there would have been a resource for skin analysis case studies. For example, "this is what an impaired barrier looks like on a 23-year-old Fitzpatrick 2 female, here is an impaired barrier on a postmenopausal Fitzpatrick 3 female, and here it is on an 82-year-old Fitzpatrick 1 male." If that resource existed in school, there would have been fewer "what am I seeing in the loupe?" moments. Rachel Willis Waxing can be the most profi table service you perform. Private training Online certifi cation Educational DVDs It is OK to have a niche. There are some services you must do in school that you don't like. It is not necessary to force yourself, or let others force you, to do those after you enter the workforce. Clients know if you are uncomfortable or don't want to perform a service, no matter how well you try and hide it. You and the client both suffer. Jenn Ramsey Always stay five steps ahead. When building clientele/business, don't just focus on the current week you're in, take in to account that you have the upcoming weeks to focus on. Always educate yourself. The more education, the better! Rachel Carter

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