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MAY | JUNE 2018

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Page 39 of 84 37 expertadvice REPLENISH CHECKING UNDER THE HOOD When we haven't eaten for a while, our stomach contracts. That painful pinch causes both physical and mental discomfort, which typically goes away once our belly is full again. But while our stomach craves the food itself, the other parts of our body crave what's in the food: the vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and other nutrients that contribute to overall wellness. Your digestive system acts as a master mechanic to break down food, process it, and then absorb essential nutrients into the bloodstream so they can be transported wherever they're needed. Your body then uses these nutrients to create and maintain healthy cells, which are the building blocks our organs and tissues are made from. Healthy food means healthy cells, ensuring Eating Well Why proper nutrition is the basis of self-care by Lynn Parentini We've all heard the analogy that putting food in your body is like filling your car with gas—without fuel, your body won't function. But cars don't run on gas alone; they also need oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, and other part-specific elements to keep every component in working order. And since you would never wait until your car runs out of gas or your engine seizes up before you give it what it needs, you should adopt a similar maintenance schedule for your physiology. Healthy food means healthy cells, ensuring that the brain, heart, eyes, skin, muscles, and all other body parts receive exactly what they need to function properly.

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