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72 january/february 2018 ASCP & you I AM ASCP Sustainable Success Sandi Bault shares a few tips on building an established skin care business HOW DID YOUR ESTHETICS CAREER BEGIN? I was 25 years old and still didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. A dear friend in the beauty industry suggested that, since I am good with people, I may be good at this, too. I took a cosmetology course at Skyline College in California and was attracted to the skin care specialty. I opened my own spa in 1995 and the rest is history. YOU HAVE A LOT OF MALE CLIENTS. CAN YOU SHARE A TIP OR TWO FOR BUILDING A MALE CLIENTELE? Men are great clients—they like to know how things work and they follow instructions. You want to be straightforward with them and keep it simple; don't complicate things and you will create a loyal male following. Location also helps. I have been based in San Francisco's historically gay Castro district for more than 20 years. And remember, every man has a mother and likes to feel nurtured. WHAT'S ONE SECRET TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL DAY SPA? You must put the customer first. My customer service is driven by my passion for helping people and wanting them to leave my spa feeling happy and taken care of. Actually listening, focusing on results, and treating everyone as a unique individual is what builds relationships that last and sustains a successful business. HOW DO YOU STAY CURRENT WITH NEW PRODUCTS AND TECHNIQUES? Trade shows, networking, and continuing education in the skin care field are all crucial to staying current on what will best serve my clientele. I also indulge in treatments myself, especially when traveling, to see what's trending. And, of course, reading trade publications like ASCP Skin Deep! WHAT DO YOU FEEL HAS BEEN THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVANCEMENT IN SKIN CARE OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS? I can now make products and technologies available to my clients in a relaxing spa environment that were once reserved only for the medical profession. I feel like an artist with a variety of tools that I can use to formulate signature treatments. I love to combine modern modalities, like the ultrasonic spatula, with serums I've been using since day one, to create unique solutions and results for my clients. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE ESTHETICIANS WHO WANT TO OPEN A SPA? You need to have a passion for what you do. Start small, provide quality care, and be ready to work hard. Do your research on established product lines, but carry no more than three to start. Location is so important. Open in an area that attracts your demographic of clients. Pursue some higher education, maybe business classes and even some psychology. After all, we are providing a type of therapy! It's important to stay teachable and keep learning. SANDI BAULT Esthetician, owner of The Castro Day Spa San Francisco, CA ASCP Member Since 2011

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