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Step It Up What steps will you take to start the new year right? I'll start by printing all the reports possible: best clients, most visits, most product sold, most service sold, busiest times, slower times. I'll analyze all that, cut what doesn't sell from the menu, fi gure out my strong points, and develop a marketing campaign featuring my best products and services. I'd like to address my menu, my pricing, my focus, and my business hours. Search for classes that fi t my focus to get better and defi ne my market and my strengths, as well as learning what things go together with my focus and what my retail should look like. Will learn how to operate a camera for video recording. Hopefully, I will end up with a clear vision of the new year, a simpler menu, focused treatments, targeted audience, daily schedule, and such. Daryana Quintana Cowie via Facebook Before this year ends, I'll create a plan for each month to include a monthly newsletter with interesting topics, Instagram posts, and in-house specials for client referrals. Being prepared ahead of time with a month-to-month plan will ensure that I keep my clients engaged and excited about their skin care. I just opened a second location in August 2017, so my plate is full, but staying on top of my marketing endeavors is a priority. On a personal note, continuing with my self-care journey is just as important. Denise Valenzuela-Ivers via Facebook Love this question. I will be off ering a detox and lifestyle change campaign. Cynthia Schmitz via Facebook 22 january/february 2018 Smoothest Results! Practically pain free! The purest ingredients! Sign up for my newsletter and get my FREE report "5 Waxing Techniques you can't live without"

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