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Page 21 of 76 19 beautybuzz INDUSTRY NEWS TRIAL BY FIRE According to a study published in Scientific Reports, solenopsin, a toxic compound found in fire ant venom, may be a treatment for psoriasis symptoms. This venomous compound chemically resembles ceramides, which are molecules the body uses to maintain a healthy protective skin barrier. Researchers from Emory and Case Western Reserve universities used solenopsin analogs, or a less toxic form of the venom, in a mouse model to test the compound as a possible psoriasis treatment. They found that solenopsins reduced skin thickness by 30 percent compared to control groups. This study holds promise for the use of lab-manufactured fire ant venom as a treatment for psoriasis symptoms. However, doctors are a long way from prescribing any such medicine. To read the full study, visit In the Loop Keep up with the latest studies, tools, and advice Old-School Organization Not interested in using an online booking program? Waxing professional and ASCP member Heather Hayes has designed a planner specifically for professionals in the beauty, spa, and wellness industry. "There are so many gorgeous planners currently on the market, but it's tough to find a planner/appointment book that is not only pretty, but also allows the professional to schedule 20-plus appointments a day," Hayes says. "I decided to design a planner from cover to cover with beauty, spa, and wellness professionals in mind. It allows you to track income and client count on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis; list goals; and take notes. It offers pre-monthly preparedness, budgeting, and reminders; weekly random acts of kindness, gratitude, and self- improvement; and a vision board for your personal life and your business life." Called Organizing Your Oomph!, Hayes's company kicks off the 2018 season with the 2nd edition, available in English and Spanish. To order, visit Exceptional Experiences Licensed esthetician and writer Elizabeth Donat highlights four simple ways to help your clients have a memorable spa experience, which, she says, is "the key to having a successful business." 1. Make sure your staff are friendly and use a pleasant tone of voice. Whether on the phone or in person, be sure staff members are personable. Only hire individuals who are naturally upbeat, friendly, and positive—without exception. 2. Make your client feel like a star. Always address your clients by their first name or preferred title. Use their names as much as possible when addressing them. There is no sweeter sound to anyone's ears than the sound of their own name. 3. Create a relaxing sanctuary. Clients go to a spa to be transported to a place free from stress, noise, obligations, and toxic vibes. Make sure your spa has a policy on small children, cell phone usage, and pets. 4. Always follow through with your promises. Whether you've promised to call a client back about a promotion, book an appointment, or set them up with a referral, always follow through. Learn more from Donat at ways-to-create-exceptional-service-experiences-at-your-spa/recreation-leisure.

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