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Page 43 of 76 41 expertadvice MIND YOUR BUSINESS Expressing Gratitude It's time to create a year-end thank-you plan by Kristin Coverly The end of the year gives you the perfect opportunity to express your heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to your business's success and supported you throughout the year. Here's how to create a thank-you strategy to be sure your clients, business partners, mentors, and support system know how much you appreciate them. KEEP IT SIMPLE Thanking someone doesn't have to be elaborate; a simple in-person, verbal thank-you or a phone call, email, or text message will let people know you appreciate them. And don't overlook the power of a handwritten note sent by mail. After an overload of tech-based communication, people appreciate paper notes more than ever. Tip: If you're inspired to create your own cards, try sites like (use your ASCP member discount) or ADD A GIFT If you choose to include a gift of some kind, your first decision is whether you're giving a gift of something from your own business or a product or service from another business. Your Business Your own business offers a wide range of gifting opportunities! You can give gift certificates—for a dollar amount, a specific service, an upgrade—or give a product or a sampling of products you sell. Tip: Take the spirit of giving a step further and give each person a second gift certificate to pass on as a thank- you to someone they'd like to thank. Another Business If you choose to give a gift of a service or product from a business other than your own, here are a few things to consider. While the IRS allows you to use client gift purchases of up to $25 per client each year as a business expense on your taxes, please do some math and create a realistic budget before you start buying. Even spending what feels like a small amount per person can add up quickly when you're buying gifts for a large number of people, and my guess is you have a lot of people to thank! There are no rules about what type of gift to give—it could be anything from self- care products to movie tickets—whatever you think the people on your list will enjoy. Tip: This is a fantastic opportunity to build or strengthen your relationships with local businesses. Consider partnering with another business or two to provide gifts for each other's clients. The other business may be in a related health and wellness industry or a completely different field. For example, collaborate with your favorite local massage therapist or restaurant to give $25 gift certificates to each other's business. Bonus: In addition to saying "Thank you," both businesses get to say "Hello, new clients!" THANK YOU (LITERALLY) Last, but not least, don't forget to acknowledge how much your own body does every day to allow you to do this physically challenging work. Give it a little love by booking a massage, adding an additional yoga class to your schedule this week, taking an extra-long walk in nature, or whatever treat would make you and your body the happiest.

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