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Page 34 of 91 33 Start 'Em Young 10 facts about treating 20-something skin by Mark Lees expertadvice SKIN SOLUTIONS Twenty-something skin can sometimes be a challenge to treat. These young adults are often beginning to think about preventing signs of aging, but are also concerned about oily areas, clogged pores, and periodic flares of acne papules and pustules. Here's what you should know. 1. Perhaps the most prevalent issue aff ecting 20-somethings is acne. Many of these clients have combination or oily skin. These clients will exhibit oiliness and enlarged or clogged pores in the T-zone area, and typically have a few papules and pustules present on the face. 2. Women in their 20s are often aff ected by hormonal fl uctuations, leading to premenstrual fl ares of breakouts and chin acne. Some women who never had blemish problems in their teenage years suddenly have acne conditions in their 20s. Birth control pills and pregnancy can also contribute to potential hormonal skin issues. 3. Make sure your acne-prone clients have home-care treatment products that contain benzoyl peroxide to battle acne bacteria, as well as alpha and beta hydroxy acid gels to fl ush clogged follicles and serve as spot treatments for isolated blemishes. 4. Deep-cleansing facial treatments that help free the skin of impactions are important to help these clients. Find a good desincrustation product to help loosen clogged pores for easy extraction. 5. Salicylic acid can be very helpful to oily and clogged skin. Salicylic acid is an exfoliant, an antibacterial, and a soothing agent used in both home-care and back-bar treatment products. Low- percentage (5 percent) salicylic peels can also help remove dead cell buildup as prep for a deep-cleansing extraction treatment.

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