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Page 22 of 91 21 beautybuzz INDUSTRY NEWS INTO THE BLUE Researchers at the University of Maryland conducted a study on 3-D human skin created from cells of middle-aged subjects and found that the antioxidant methylene blue "improved skin viability, promoted wound healing, and increased skin hydration and dermis thickness." Although more studies are needed, methylene blue may have more powerful antioxidant properties than others commonly used in skin care products. If proven true, we may see this ingredient added to topical serums and creams to help slow the aging process. To learn more, visit Moving Forward News and information that help esties grow their careers Think Big A strong personal brand is what differentiates you from your competition. Ramon Ray, an entrepreneur, best-selling author, global speaker, and producer, shares tips on how to start and grow your personal brand. 1. Focus on what you do. It's important to be clear on what the core of your personal brand is. A strong personal brand is strengthened even further when you narrow the focus of what you do. 2. Build a tribe. Don't focus solely on generating sales. First, focus on building a community of followers who know, like, and trust you. Encourage people to join your email list and follow you on social media. 3. Feed your social media. Showcase your thought leadership and your expertise. Actively engage with your tribe several times a day on Twitter, several times a week on Facebook, and wherever your customers reside on social media. 4. Video is powerful. Your tribe cannot see you in action all the time. Through the power of engaging videos, you can get closer to, and more personal with, your community. 5. Speak at events. Events are a powerful way to connect with your community in real life. Speaking at other people's events is a great way to showcase your thought leadership, and organizing your own event is a dramatic way to put your brand on a pedestal. 6. Publish a book. Being an author is a way to add credibility and strength to your personal brand. A book highlights your expertise and your credibility. 7. Get media coverage. When the local TV affiliate, radio station, magazine, or other media ask you to speak as an expert, it gives you credibility and amplifies your brand. This requires active outreach to get their attention, but it is well worth the time and effort. Interactive Education Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute announced the launch of D Streaming, an online, interactive learning opportunity that will allow licensed skin care therapists, retail staff, and front-desk teams to stream live classes via an interactive tool regardless of their geographic location. Real-time hands-on training courses will also be offered, where skin therapists will be able to learn step-by-step techniques and procedures. Theory classes offer the ability to live chat with the instructor, while the practical versions are done with both students and instructors interacting on camera for real-time feedback and instructions. Students can sign up for classes at

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