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MAY | JUNE 2017

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Page 39 of 76 37 FALLACY: "I hate wearing a sunscreen on top of my moisturizer. It feels so heavy, and I hate smelling like a coconut!" FACT: With today's modern sunscreen and formulation technology, everyday moisturizers should contain broad-spectrum SPF-15 or higher sunscreen protection. Sunscreen protection is the number-one reason for using a day cream. There is no reason to have to wear two products or smell tropical! A good day product can have sunscreen protection and still be an excellent moisturizer. Every esthetician should be able to match a good sunscreen moisturizer to each client's needs. For example, a client with oily skin needs a matte sunscreen with more hydrator than emollient. A client with dry or aging skin needs a sunscreen that will also contain ingredients like ceramides to help with dryness and make the skin look younger. FALLACY: "I tan easily. I don't need sunscreen." FACT: While it is true that darker skin is less likely to burn and more likely to tan from sun exposure, this does not mean the skin is not being damaged. There are plenty of deeply tanned people walking around with wrinkles and skin cancers. Continual exposure to UV rays causes cumulative and lasting damage to the skin structures, elastin and collagen fibrils, and pigment. The most dangerous part is that it can cause damage to the cellular DNA, which can result in skin cancers, including malignant melanoma. This can occur regardless of ethnicity or skin tone. THE FINAL FACTS Sun damage is the number-one cause of skin aging, the number- one cause of liver spots and skin blotchiness, and is actually the number-one cause of cancer, as there are more types of skin cancers than any other form of cancer. It's so important that your clients love their sunscreen. If they love it, they'll wear it and stay protected from damaging UV rays. Their skin will look better, and they will love you—even more! Every esthetician should be able to match a good sunscreen moisturizer to each client's needs.

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