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MAY | JUNE 2017

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I hear the following statements a lot in conversations with the estheticians I coach. "I just don't know how to sell, so I don't," or, "I don't want to sound too salesy, so I just don't sell products to my clients. I feel pushy." Understand this: your clients come to you for your expertise. You don't need to sell them anything—your role is to teach them or share with them. One day I was having a conversation with the executive producer of my radio show. I don't even remember what the conversation was about, but I do remember one very profound thing he said to me. "Followers only follow leaders who lead." That statement really hit home. Here's how I connect it to our clients. They can't follow us unless we lead them. Let me give you an example. When you're sitting with your client at the end of a facial checking them out, in your head, you want them to purchase products, right? You want them to reschedule for the next month, or better yet, book a series of treatments over the next few weeks. At that moment, they are your follower and if you don't lead them, they can't follow you. Lead them to make that next appointment, lead them to purchase that product that will benefit their skin. You see what I'm getting at? We sometimes have a tendency to get shy or afraid at that moment. I get it that we don't want to come across as too salesy. But these clients come to us for our expertise. They come to us to lead them to better skin. So it's our obligation to be a LEADER. I love the way this hairdresser sold me products a few years ago. This was my first appointment with this fella. While he was cutting my hair, I felt very comfortable. I felt like he had listened to my ideas and concerns about my hair and he looked confident while he was cutting my hair, so I felt confident in him. In the middle of my haircut, he said something, almost under his breath, about a product that he felt would be really good to hydrate my hair. It was like he was saying it to remind himself to tell me. Like "note to self" but he actually said it out loud. I was liking what I was seeing as he was cutting, so you better bet I remembered that there was a product he thought would be good for me. As he was checking me out and booking my next appointment, I'm the one that said to him, "Hey, what about that product I should be using?" I have no idea if this was his sales tactic or not, but it worked. I didn't feel "sold to." It certainly didn't feel pushy. It felt like "the expert" had an idea about something that would make my hair healthier and I followed his expert advice. No sales, just sharing. You need to be engaging. I love that word … engaging. Lean slightly forward in your seat; this shows interest. Make eye contact. Speak with authority. Remember that you are the expert. You are the leader. They came to you to be told how to fix their problem, so lead them! Lead Your Clients to Better Skin Advertisement Shelley Hancock (949) 481-4037 Skin Care Associated Professionals M E M B E R Listen to Shelley's Show & Tell Radio Show on

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