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72 march/april 2017 WHY DO YOU THINK EXTENSIONS HAVE BECOME SO POPULAR? Well, in some ways their demand isn't new, but they are becoming more accessible, and—with companies like XtremeLashes and Live Love Lash—safer. Women have been trying to adhere things to their lashes to enhance them for a long time. One of the first instances was in 1916, by filmmaker D. W. Griffith, for the movie Intolerance. Griffith had a set of false eyelashes created by a wig maker for actress Seena Owen. In the 1930s and 1940s, they used fringe material. Since then, lash extensions have evolved into a more precise and effective product and process. On a daily basis, I get to witness how the instant gratification and simplification of women's morning routines through lash extensions makes them feel empowered and more beautiful. I haven't seen that kind of reaction with any other service available, and I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. ASCP & you I AM ASCP Lash Love Combining passion with demand creates a successful business HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE ESTHETICS PROFESSION? Honestly, I decided to get an esthetician license specifically so I could learn to do lashes. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO SPECIALIZE IN LASH EXTENSIONS? I saw them on a friend and knew I wanted to try them for myself. I loved them and how they made me feel; I was immediately and totally entranced. Fast-forward to me moving across the country in 2005, to a place where no one had even heard of lash extensions, combined with looking for my next career move. It was such an amazing opportunity to start a small business with something I had tried and loved. I have always been kind of lazy when it comes to my beauty routine, and lash extensions made it so much easier. That, and the way they made me feel, inspired me to want to be able to do that for others. I recognized immediately this would be something big. WILL YOU SHARE A SECRET TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL LASH EXTENSION BUSINESS? I would say in the lash extension world, or any other small business, leading with patience and kindness and building a strong team of caring individuals is most important. Also, while you have to be prepared with an execution plan, you also have to be extremely flexible, because that plan will change numerous times. Being able to adapt to make those changes is key. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR AN ESTY WHO WANTS TO SPECIALIZE IN LASH EXTENSIONS? Focus on becoming great at the skill and the rest will follow. Being a lash stylist is not easy and requires many hours of practice and continuing education. It is incredibly important to learn the correct techniques and execute the service with integrity to ensure your clients' real lashes are not damaged in the process. This is one of the reasons I decided to become an educator—I am extremely passionate about this service being done safely and correctly. Lashes done incorrectly are bad not only for the client, but for all of us in the industry. A bad reputation can travel more quickly than a good one. AMY DICKERSON Esthetician, master lash stylist, and educator; owner of Live Love Lash, Denver, CO ASCP Member Since 2014

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