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36 march/april 2017 Easy on the Eyes Ingredient technology for the most delicate skin by Mark Lees expertadvice SKIN SOLUTIONS The eyes are the first area of the face people notice, and the skin around the eyes is one of the most vulnerable areas to damage and aging. As this is one of the biggest areas of concern for many clients, being knowledgeable and proficient in treating eye-area issues is crucial. Dark circles can surround the eye or appear just in certain areas, such as the lower lid. This darkness can be related to genetics and is often seen in darker skin types. Skin-pigment issues around the eyes can also cause darkness. Environmentally, dark circles can be attributed to poor blood flow in the eye tissues, leaky capillaries, or lack of adequate sleep. Sinus and nasal breathing issues can also contribute to circles under the eyes. Ingredient technology: For years, cover creams were the only viable answer to dark circles, but the latest ingredient technology reveals some real- world treatment solutions. A complex of special ingredients that include chrysin (a flavonoid derived from passionflower) and hydroxysuccinimide is now being incorporated into state-of-the- art eye creams and serums. These ingredients work together by breaking up the darkness- causing blood leakage from skin capillaries. Used regularly at home, they can be significantly effective in reducing this type of dark circles. Darkness due to melanin is not responsive to this complex, but may be helped by creams containing brightening agents such as Bellis perennis (lawn daisy) flower extract, licorice extract, or bearberry. Deep melanin circles due to genetics are very difficult to treat.

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