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64 january/february 2017 WHAT'S THE BEST PART ABOUT OWNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS? You know what they say—entrepreneurs will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40. That's me! After working in a corporate spa environment for most of my career, I opened my own place and I can say it really brought me a renewed passion and energy for my profession. I started seeing myself as a leader in my industry and making strategic decisions about the future of my business and career path. I make the decisions! I know my standards are high and I know that's exactly the experience my guests will receive. HOW DO YOU STAY CURRENT ON TECHNIQUES AND PRODUCTS? While there's always the continuing education you receive from the skin care lines you carry, that's the bare minimum of what a true professional and business owner in our industry should be doing. And while I do seek out the latest trends in treatments and procedures, I try to avoid "bright-shiny-new-object" syndrome, which usually requires spending thousands on new equipment you think you need to attract and keep clients. Not true! I invest in high-level coaching programs ASCP & you I AM ASCP Entrepreneurial Spirit This Texas business owner understands the power of leadership HOW DID YOU FIRST FALL IN LOVE WITH SKIN CARE? I've struggled with acne and breakouts for as long as I can remember. I was the girl at your slumber party with a tub of apricot scrub and a blue clay mask. I really had no guidance, but was always trying new things to clear my skin. (I was a picker, too!) After seven years of college and being no closer to figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, my best friend said, "You've always been into your skin; why don't you become an esthetician?" I didn't even know that was a thing. So I instantly enrolled and the rest is history! Now it's 21 years later. SHELLY KLEIN Master Esthetician; owner of The Skin Studio, Plano, TX ASCP Member Since 2014 and surround myself with like-minded professionals who challenge me as an esthetician and a woman in business. I can truly say I have grown exponentially since investing in myself at that level. HOW DO YOU ENCOURAGE CLIENTS TO MAINTAIN THEIR HOME CARE ROUTINES? First, I chart each visit, including what I recommended or gave them a sample of and what they bought. At each visit I ask, "How's it going? Did you like the sample of XYZ?" Recently, I started recording their morning and evening routine to go over at every visit. If their skin is experiencing challenges, then I can confidently say, "Are you using your XYZ like we talked about last time?" or, "I see here that you're still using acne toner and that may be why you're feeling dry." It really keeps us on the same page so they get the results we both want to see. WHAT IS EXCITING TO YOU AS WE START A NEW YEAR? This year, I'm really excited about focusing on what's next for me and my business—hopefully expanding and seeing what that may look like. I'm kicking a few ideas around. It's going to be a pretty amazing year!

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