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64 november/december 2016 YOU ARE ALSO A CONTINUING EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR! WHY ADD TEACHING TO YOUR BUSY SCHEDULE? I fell in love with teaching after my first aerobics class 30 years ago, so it was a natural progression to continue to share my passion of skin care and massage with others. I've always surrounded myself with mentors who have inspired me to be and do more, including my mother and husband, who are also teachers. I love seeing the lightbulbs go on when students learn something exciting and new they can immediately use in their practices. My goal is to teach around the world! TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR SPECIALTY TECHNIQUE, THE ZEN FACELIFT FACIAL. This is my signature technique at my spa and very favorite class to teach estheticians. It combines my love of fitness, skin care, and massage into one amazingly effective facial. Isometric and isotonic massage techniques are used to balance facial fascia and muscles. They firm, strengthen, tighten, and tone; I call it fitness for the face. It can be used with any skin care line. My plan is to offer this class online in the near future as well. ANY 2017 TREND PREDICTIONS? Yes! I predict clients will be tired of having to choose between a facial or a massage when they go to a spa. My goal is to introduce skin care specialists to easy-to- learn and easy-on-your-body advanced massage techniques for the face, ears, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and feet that will knock their clients' socks off, have their books filled to capacity, and their pockets overflowing with abundance. Other than that, I am loving the new Dermafile and Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber. ASCP & you I AM ASCP irst for Knowledge This accomplished esthetician is a lifelong learner YOU WERE IN THE AIR FORCE FOR 20 YEARS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! WHAT WAS THE IMPETUS FOR TRANSITIONING TO ESTHETICS? I joined the Air Force as a clueless 17-year-old with no direction. The service instilled many life skills and attributes that I still carry to this day: hard work, honor, ingenuity, respect, responsibility, timeliness, and pride for our country and the freedoms we are afforded. Those skills have allowed me to be successfully self-employed for the past 20 years. As a cardiorespiratory therapist in the service, I learned a great deal about the inner workings of the body. That experience ignited an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, which led me to becoming a group fitness instructor, massage therapist, master esthetician, oncology esthetician, and continuing education instructor—and I'm not done yet! WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO CREATE YOUR OWN LINE OF PRODUCTS? That's easy: I'm a perfectionist. After testing hundreds of skin care lines, I decided I could create a better line myself. I spent years researching ingredients and testing efficacy on more than 10,000 clients! It took a long time and a ton of hard work, but I am in love with every product and very proud to share them with my family, friends, and clients. I also believe in working smarter, not harder, so the retail profit margin was a huge incentive as well. I am in the process of developing an online class to teach others how they can do it, too. CHERYL MILLER Master esthetician, massage therapist; owner of The Zen Lounge, Puyallup, WA ASCP Member Since 2010

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