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42 november/december 2016 by Danné Montague-King Everything you ever wanted to know about the benefits of enzyme therapy, but were afraid to ask M y readers have questioned my many references to enzyme treatments over the years. Many assume I am talking about a specific product, and several have queried, "Where do I get these products?" Actually, I'm not referring to any one product, but treatments involving one of nature's true phenomena. If an extraterrestrial being approached me and asked me to describe the human body at its fundamental level, I would have to truthfully say, "We are nothing more than a bag of fluids, proteins, and amino acids, orchestrated by enzymes and held together by electromagnetic energy." There are 76,000 known enzymes that control every molecular aspect of our bodies, but I am convinced there are many more. It is not surprising that enzymes play an important role in the treatment of skin disorders. After all, it is a series of enzymatic activities that maintain the skin at its healthiest in the first place. Time for Enzymes

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