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64 march/april 2016 ASCP & you I AM ASCP Soul on Fire This salon owner is driven by a passion for helping others look and feel beautiful AMY AMARAL Esthetician, makeup artist, owner of Pureskin Aesthetic Salon Salinas, California ASCP Member Since 2014 WHY SKIN CARE? WHAT DREW YOU TO THIS PROFESSION? I have been fascinated with skin care and makeup since I was a teen; I was always buying the newest products or makeup. I wanted to do a job that I love, have flexible hours, and work for myself. It was my goal to get my esthetician's license and open up my own skin care salon. I did just that in 2001! WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO STAY IN ESTHETICS FOR THE LONG TERM? I have a passion for skin care. It lights my soul on fire to make my clients look and feel beautiful. I love making a bride look gorgeous on her special day or helping design a skin care treatment plan to target a client's individual skin care goals. Just knowing I can help someone with makeup, or clearing acne, or keeping that youthful look is very special to me. HOW DO YOU STAY CURRENT WITH TRENDS AND PRODUCTS? Education is key for me to stay on top of our ever-changing industry. I attend as many classes as I can, watch webinars (especially the ASCP ones!), attend trade shows, and read all the skin care journals. I love learning about new ingredients, products, and treatments I can bring to my clients. Knowledge is power, and I love to be able to pass it on to my clients. WHAT ARE SOME TOP CONCERNS YOU HEAR FROM CLIENTS? My clients are looking for results- based skin care treatments with less pampering. They are also looking for a more holistic approach to skin care. Many do not want harsh chemical treatments, plastic surgery, or injectables. I am finding my clients are looking for a more natural way to age gracefully. I am able to do that with microcurrent, oxygen, and nonchemical peels that nourish and repair the skin. WHAT DO YOU FEEL HAS BEEN THE PROFESSION'S MOST EXCITING CHANGE IN THE LAST FEW YEARS? One of the most exciting changes has been finding a tribe of positive estheticians who want to learn, share, and uplift each other. For a long time, this industry felt lonely to me, working as a solo esthetician. I also feel the education we now have access to—from learning how to run a thriving beauty business to amazing new equipment, fabulous products, and cutting-edge treatments— makes me know this industry is very strong. I am so blessed to be able to do a job I truly love. The best thing is being able to make a difference in my clients' lives and their skin!

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