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New member benefit! Get the ASCP SkinPro App at 29 SKIN PHYSIOLOGY Balancing Act A guide to recognizing and treating the various types of acne by Dave Waggoner and Samantha Perea OUR SKIN HAS SEVERAL NATURAL processes to maintain the acid mantle and a balanced microbiome. When these natural processes become imbalanced, acne can be a direct result. As a skin care practitioner, it can be hard to recognize, decipher, and treat all diff erent types of acne. Many people with acne are negatively impacted by the perceived social stigma around the skin condition, a new study from the University of Limerick, Ireland, has found. 1 To help alleviate the negative impact acne can have on clients, estheticians must be able to recognize and identify the acne lesion, understand what can be corrected within their scope of practice, and refer out to a specialist if necessary. The following discusses the various types of acne and off ers ideas on ingredients and treatments that can help alleviate acneic conditions and bring the skin back into balance. JianGXulei1990/unsplash

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