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New member benefit! Get the ASCP SkinPro App at 27 BEAUTY BUZZ Esty Talk What do you do to avoid esty burnout? Still trying to gure it out, but I have been giving myself random days in my schedule for half days, late start, or early days, and it's been nice! @livelovebeautysc I nd that burnout comes with boredom for me. To combat that, I am always taking continuing education classes, trying to learn new techniques and modalities, researching ingredients, and trying to stay on top of medical research ndings in an ever-changing industry. @jenschumanesthetics In addition to self-care, I focus on continuing education. I've learned over the years that learning something new or practicing a new modality gives me a renewed excitement for my practice, and I can't wait to use it on my clients. Self-care! Make an appointment with an esty friend, get a massage, get my nails done. @skinbymarcela two-day weekend and I'm not scrambling to get things done on my days o . Run specials so you can emphasize a di erent service every month so clients aren't just defaulting to the same things constantly. My facials don't follow a set protocol. I just do what feels right and let myself be creative with each client so I don't get stuck in a rut doing the same thing six times a day. @skinby.ari I am constantly trying new techniques and adding in fun devices to switch it up. @lucyhatesacne Meditate and appreciate. My meditation is enjoying the great backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, going around town taking photos, and sharing them in a variety of ways. My appreciation is to start with #self value. My source of self-value comes in the form of giving back. I volunteer for many events and fundraisers as my way to appreciate. These activities keep me centered to keep a positive environment for myself so I don't burn out. Plus, I love my clients! @silvertouchaesthetics I go to work a little later than usual so I can have my morning to relax at my own pace. Disconnect a little bit, sleep in—that's how I recharge. I remember that this beautiful job requires a lot of exchange of energy. We need to take care of our energy so we can re ect that in our clientele. @skincarebyanab Breaks! I will schedule days o to get caught up with emails and organizing, or take classes so I can try new things in the treatment room. @valeries_beauteskinmakeup I take care of myself with massage, workouts, and some early afternoons o ! @kfaces1207 I schedule myself more time o to take care of me. When I get bored in the treatment room, I change something up. New products, equipment, decor, essential oil to di use, or continuing education is always motivating and exciting. @lesleys_organic_skin_care I only work with clients four days a week. I give myself a fth admin day so I still get a proper FERNANDO HERNANDEZ/UNSPLASH

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