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72 ASCP Skin Deep November/December 2021 Well Groomed How men's skin care has changed—from scented oils (in 10,000 BCE) to Botox by Mary Barthelme Abel AS FAR BACK AS 10,000 BCE, men used scented oils and ointments to soften skin and mask body odor. Ancient Egyptian men were big fans of aloe vera and used oils and creams for protection against the sun and dry climate. It became common practice to use dyes and paints as makeup for cheeks and lips. Roman men used a paste made of barley fl our and butter on pimples and were the fi rst to experiment with hair dye. Elizabethan men bathed in wine to reduce wrinkles, and Victorian gentlemen secretly indulged in mass-produced grooming products marketed to women. Men no longer feel the need to secretly care for their skin; they proudly exfoliate, moisturize, get Botox injections, and wear makeup. According to Mindbody's 2021 Wellness Index, men are more likely than women to book services for facials, body hair removal, fi llers, full-body skin treatments, and even permanent makeup or eyebrow tinting/microblading. The index also found that men outspent women on salon/spa services in 2020, with an average of $52/month as opposed to $42/month for women. Now is the time for skin care professionals to take a serious look at the opportunity that awaits. Men care about their appearance, and they are loyal to products that work. Go get 'em. They need you. SKIN HISTORY FYODOR BRONNIKOV, , 1865 STEVEN VAN DER MEULEN, , 1 , CA. 1550

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