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Damage Control Elina Organics Treatment Enzyme Gel is a new at- home treatment that targets hyperpigmentation and sun damage. A whole-fruit–based alternative to retinol, the gel contains highly concentrated whole fruit extracts to naturally hydrate, brighten, and fi rm. Gentlemen, Wash Your Face! Yon-Ka for Men Foam Gel Cleanser removes the day's buildup without stripping skin of vital moisture. Three plant-based cleansing agents, including lime oil, are gentle enough for daily use, morning and night. Licorice controls oil while protecting the skin, and iris essential oil helps maintain skin's balance. Algotherapy əl-gō-ther-ə-pē noun The application of thin layers of heated seaweed to the skin to reduce pain and infl ammation. Brown seaweeds are the type primarily used in algotherapy. After being washed and rinsed, the seaweed is processed and preserved to retain all active ingredients. 16 ASCP Skin Deep November/December 2021 BEAUTY BUZZ

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