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Listen to the ASCP Esty Talk podcast at 53 Step 4. Using a dropper, lightly apply Serum Antigrasses Special Post-Extraction Treatment to all areas that have been extracted or where enlarged pores are present. Unfold a 16-ply 4 X 4 gauze pad and drape the face in gauze. Apply high frequency over the top of the gauze. This unique complex contains a dermatologist- tested complex of soothing botanicals to help soothe inflammation and prevent post-extraction breakouts. Step 5. Apply Hydrafluide Hydrating Formula to the skin and perform massage, assuming skin is not excessively oily, clogged, or flared. This humectant fluid super-hydrates oilier skin without increasing oiliness. Step 6. Apply Clarity Deep Cleansing Masque to all clogged or oily areas. Allow it to dry 10–15 minutes. In dryer areas of the skin, apply Soothing Gel Mask. Remove with a steamed towel. Re-tone with spray or application of Tonique after removal. Step 7. Apply Essential Daily Protection SPF-30 Sunscreen to the entire face.

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