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42 ASCP Skin Deep September/October 2021 This treatment is suited for clients who are within 25 percent of their ideal body weight and are exercising and eating healthily. 5 Most will experience a reduction in inches, not a reduction in weight. THERMAL SHOCK Thermal shock takes cryolipolysis one step further by using an alternating application of heat and cold to break down fat cells and eliminate them from the body. Thermal shock has also been shown to reduce cellulite, tone and tighten the skin, target fine lines, and relieve muscle strain. 6 During thermal shock treatment, an application of heat relaxes fat cells and causes vasodilation. Once the temperature cools for an extended period, apoptosis (or cell death) occurs. 7 For the following few weeks after treatment, the client's lymphatic system will naturally flush the destroyed fat cells. TRAINING REQUIREMENTS Although skin tightening and body contouring are considered noninvasive—with little to no downtime— they are still out of scope for many estheticians (check with your state board). In most states, the use of body contouring and skin tightening devices is unclear and may require medical director oversight. In states where master estheticians are licensed, such as Washington, Oregon, and Utah, procedures like radio frequency, microneedling, and ultrasound can only be performed by master estheticians. 8 Before adding skin tightening and body contouring to your menu of services, it's important you have the appropriate training. Currently, the following are the only FDA-approved devices: • Ultherapy: Approved for lifting, toning, and improving lines and wrinkles. 9 • UltraShape: Approved for body shaping used to selectively destroy fat cells. 10 • CoolSculpting: Approved to eliminate stubborn fat in nine different areas. 11 Device manufacturers may provide on-site training in the use of their machines. Alternatively, local advanced esthetic schools may also provide training coupled with other advanced esthetic procedures. Notes 1. Emily Taylor, "4 Doctor-Approved Ways to Tighten and Tone Loose Skin," New Beauty, April 28, 2020, 2. Emily Taylor, "4 Doctor-Approved Ways to Tighten and Tone Loose Skin." 3. Sabrina Guillen Fabi, "Noninvasive Skin Tightening: Focus on New Ultrasound Techniques," Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology 8 (February 2015): 47–52, 4. Candela, "UltraShape," accessed June 2021, product/ultrashape. 5. American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, "Cryolipolysis," accessed June 2021, 6. Erica Gorza, "The Top 5 Benefits of Thermal Shock/Cryo Generation," accessed June 2021, of-thermal-shock-cryo-generation. 7. Erica Gorza, "The Top 5 Benefits of Thermal Shock/Cryo Generation." 8., "Everything You Need to Know About Offering Ultrasonic Skin Therapy in Your Esthetics Practice," accessed June 2021, ultrasonic-skin-therapy. 9. Ultherapy, accessed June 2021, 10. Candela, "UltraShape." 11. CoolSculpting, accessed June 2021, Liability Insurance Professional liability insurance for skin tightening and body contouring protects you in case a client sues. ASCP members have access to optional Advanced Esthetics Insurance coverage that protects you and your esthetics practice if you perform radio frequency, cellulite reduction, ultrasound, CoolSculpting, and other advanced modalities like permanent makeup and laser services. More information about advanced modality coverage, including the steps for applying, is available at Pricing for cryolipolysis services ranges from $752 to $892 for the year, and you can bundle that coverage with other advanced modalities to save more. If you can answer yes to the following three questions, you may be eligible for Advanced Esthetics Insurance coverage: • Do I have proof of advanced training with hands-on experience? • Am I practicing these modalities within the scope of practice authorized by the state in which I work? • Am I an ASCP member, or do I plan to be? Learn more about ASCP's Advanced Esthetics Insurance program for members at ADVANCED MODALITIES check out this Contouring video 1. Open your camera 2. Scan the code 3. Tap on notification 4. Enjoy!

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