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Listen to the ASCP Esty Talk podcast at 63 i t's no secret that retail products can significantly contribute to an esthetician's bottom line, yet many esties struggle with—or are intimidated by—retail sales. Those who do become retail rock stars have taken the necessary time to learn their unique product offerings and strategized beautiful ways to display them. A successful retail system and setup can help you double—or even triple—your ticket price at the end of a facial, making retail revenue a sizeable income source. Want to learn how to curate a retail space that's irresistible to clients? Let's go! GET TO KNOW YOUR REPS Skin care manufacturers work hard to make their products sell by using potent ingredients, eye-catching packaging, and key talking points. And most create marketing materials and training seminars, and employ representatives to help you learn about their products. Why? They want to make it easy for you to sell their products! But it takes more than just pretty bottles and potent ingredients to move products; you also need confidence and knowledge—and a retail space that compels clients to browse and buy. How you display your products can be just as important as the products themselves, and skin care manufacturers know this. That's why they're so motivated to help you sell, so don't be afraid to ask company reps for their help when creating your retail sales setup. Also, learn as much as possible from them about their products. CREATE AN EXPERIENCE Curated shopping is a selection of unique products that are arranged based on client interest and previous shopping behaviors to help increase sales. The products can be from different manufacturers and categories, but the theme is the same, which is the key. Imagine you are at a fancy department store, and you are looking for an outfit for a special event. A curated experience welcomes you by showcasing the "it" dresses of the season and must-have shoes on confident-looking mannequins. But they also have undergarments, handbags, and dazzling jewelry on display, while playing the same high-tempo jazz you'll hear at your gala. You might have come for a dress, but you likely leave with much more. That's how curation works. Retailers want consumers to have experiential shopping excursions because products sell when client shopping is self- guided and customers can interact with (pick up, feel, smell, etc.) the products. Create this same atmosphere in your spa, so clients feel welcome to experience your offerings with their senses as they decide with their eyes—and their hands— whether a product has earned their trust. Take experiential shopping a step further by creating artistic and engaging displays. This allows you, as the retailer, to tell a story about how the products can be used and enjoyed by your clients. It takes more than just pretty bottles and potent ingredients to move products; you also need confidence and knowledge—and a retail space to showcase your product lines attractively. KNOW YOUR CLIENT The most important piece of advice you will ever receive before investing in your business with products or equipment is: Know your client. What excites you as an esthetician can be much different than what excites your ideal clients. So, before you buy anything, ask yourself, "Would my client find value in this product?" Understanding what your clients want—and what motivates them—can help you immensely with purchasing retail products for your salon. You definitely don't want to end up with a case of unused and unopened products. MEET CLIENTS WHERE THEY ARE Create a retail display theme that aligns with any activities or events your clients may be attending throughout the year—and showcase appropriate products. Whenever you can, tell a story for your client. For example, it's likely your customers will be beachside or poolside this summer. Obvious product features should include sunscreens, mineral makeup, and hyperpigmentation treatments. Adding sun hats, SPF lip balms, and trendy cosmetic shades is another way to increase your bottom line and add to the overall esthetic. In the winter months, your clients may be excited to ski, snowboard, or enjoy other cool- weather activities. To curate a display that appeals to these activities, include helpful products that help in barrier function repair and those with moisturizing properties. To boost sales, you could also order on-trend beanies, dry heel balm, and chic coffee mugs with cute graphic prints on them. And, of course, imagine the possibilities for year-end holiday gifts and events. KEEP IT SIMPLE, SWEETIE! As in skin care, it is in retail; more is not always better. Because you don't want to overwhelm the eye, keep your retail space clean and clutter free. A confused mind says no!

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