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MAY | JUNE 2021

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Listen to the ASCP Esty Talk podcast at 57 57 ASCP Skin Deep March/April 2021 they check out at the desk, make their next appointment for them. Finally, thank them for trusting you with their skin, and make sure they have your card and phone number so you can answer any questions they have. FOLLOW UP About five days after your client's first visit, call (don't text!) them and ask how things are going and whether they have any questions. If you aren't seeing them again in two weeks, call again in two weeks to check on their progress. FINAL THOUGHTS The better organized you are as a professional on your client's first visit, the more likely they will feel supported. Be completely honest, and don't sell them anything they do not need or give them false encouragement. If your client needs a medical referral, do it! They will remember your honesty. Your staff must be trained on all the products and routine procedures. If you ask your staff to help your client get booked for their series, they should know what to do. Your professionalism depends on it. You are not just your client's skin therapist; you are the ingredient expert and their skin care cheerleader. Remember, there is no better client than one who is pleased with their results and trusts you with their skin. They will send all their friends! sora shimazaki/pexels

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