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MAY | JUNE 2021

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CREATE A STRATEGY Establish a treatment plan. This includes in-clinic treatments, treatment frequency, and daily home care (which is a huge part of the success and the best way to get the client involved in their skin health). This can be accomplished by using written instructions and checklists, calling clients between treatments to check on their progress, and generally serving as a "skin life coach." So, what are the steps to gain this client as a regular client? Let's look at a first facial treatment and discuss how to transition this one treatment into a more complete and helpful experience for the client. BEFORE THE TREATMENT Have your client fill out a thorough intake form, where they can list current skin products and topical medications, allergies, and other health issues. After reviewing the form, cleanse your client's face to remove any makeup, then have a one-on-one pre-treatment interview in a private room to discuss their concerns and list their priorities. It's good to have a well-lit mirror available for them to show you their areas of concern. This is also a good time to discuss what home care they are currently using and how it has worked (or not). Most times, you will find the client's program is all over the map, and they will often admit they're not consistent with their skin care regimen. After carefully examining your client's skin, tell them what you think. It's important to be honest. If the client has a lot of sun damage, you need to point that out. They need to understand their attention and habits will influence their success.

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