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MAY | JUNE 2021

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In 2016, my husband and I moved back to Northern California from Capistrano Beach in Southern Cali- fornia. Although the beaches down there are fabulous, we missed our families up north. We had lived out our mid-life crises by the beach and it was time to head home. Two days before arriving at our new house, I got a text from my brother that there was a package on our porch and that he had grabbed it so no one else would (he lives just around the corner). Thanks, bro! When we arrived at our new home, he handed me the package and I proceed to tuck it away in a closet. There was much unpacking to do and the return address on this box did not look familiar, so it could wait. I came across the box two weeks later. I cut open the outer brown packaging to fi nd a beautiful lavender box that said My Skin Buddy. What a sweet name. I opened the box to fi nd an esthetic tool nestled in fl owing lavender silk. Presentation gets four stars! Although I admired the presentation, it didn't seem to draw me in so I closed the lid and put it back in the closet. There was still much unpacking to be done. Another two weeks went by and I came across the pretty lavender box again. I felt embarrassed that I had not acknowledged the company that sent me this new esthetic tool. That night I decide to read the instructions and give it a try. I applied my cleanser with plenty of water and hit the button once to turn on the ion deep cleanse mode with red LED. I moved the unit in circular motions over the top of my cleanser for about 2 minutes. I felt a light warmth and vibrations. Nice. Then I splashed water on my face to rinse and that's when it all hap- pened . . . Oh, my goodness, what is this tool? How can my face feel so soft and look so bright in only two minutes? I got excit- ed about step two, so I immediately applied my hydrating moisturizer and hit the button until another red LED came on with ultrasonic vibration, and I began the circular motions for another two minutes. My skin was glowing when I fi nished. Fast forward to 2021, and I've now sold thousands and thousands of My Skin Buddys to estheticians all across the United States. It is one of the best retail tools I've come across. During 2020, when so many estheticians could not work, selling the My Skin Buddy to their clients kept them afl oat. Besides the tool being so eff ective, the company is a joy to work with. My Skin Buddy's benefi cial technologies include: ion care, ultrasonic vibration, LED light therapy, and thermal heating. Read more about this fabulous tool on my website! My Introduction to My Skin Buddy Advertisement Shelley Hancock Consulting Inc. Helping You Transform Your Skin Care Business (925) 392-8114 ILLUMINATE LED PANEL MY SKIN BUDDY NEW MY SKIN BUDDY METHODE BRIGETTE KETTNER TOOLS Listen to Shelley's Audio Snippets on her website. ASCP MEMBER

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